An Insta-Break Gives Insta-Relief


This week, I wanted to tackle something that is near and dear to me- taking breaks from Instagram. You mention the mere thought of this and some people go berserk. That’s a week they won’t be able to promote their work. What if everyone thinks they’ve left forever and unfollows you???

Well friends I’m here to tell you that neither of those things are worth your mental health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed about other things in your life maybe it’s time to put the cosplay social media aside for a few days. There there is no use neglecting your pets, friends, or family for strangers on the internet.

There’s also so many advantages of taking breaks I always come back feeling refreshed and ready to go. I also never realize just how much social media stresses me out until I take a break from it. It’s really refreshing to not feel like I need to check every notification immediately. This is something that I’m going to start including in my daily social media routine even when I’m not on a hiatus. Checking notifications can be addicting so even just delaying that gratification can help break the cycle.

And sure maybe you’ll lose a chance at a couple followers but honestly they aren’t worth worth it. None of this is worth it if it makes you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. We all need breaks occasionally and it’s really important to understand and recognize when you personally need to unplug.

Cosplay should ultimately be about fun, no matter why you’re in it. Even if it is your full time job, if it overwhelms you and is no longer fun, is it really better than some soul sucking boring job? I think the answer is no.

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