Brandy Fixes Supernatural


Last week during our nerdy disappointments episodes, I absolutely gave Batman vs Superman the beating it deserved. Trust me, I could rant for an hour about how much I hate that movie. (Like, wtf Clark. Why are you getting in the bathtub with Lois with your boots STILL ON. That is disgusting, and if I was Lois, I would smack you. Like I know you country farm boys are all about your boots, but in my tub?? REALLY?? My tub that just so happens to be in full view of the front door????)

AHEM. ANYWAY. Anytime you feel like getting me riled up, just ask me all about that movie or even just mention it casually. I’m just like the Kool Aid man when it’s brought up. I come busting up to wreck your perfectly good gathering.

One thing from the podcast that keeps haunting me is my fantastic Adam Winchester theory. I know Melanie didn’t buy it, but I wanted to revisit it and give the idea its own space.

For those who haven’t listened to the podcast, I essentially said that Supernatural missed a fantastic chance to make Adam a fantastic villain. One of the issues we discussed was that the show constantly tries to one up itself with the villain. What’s badder than the devil? God’s Sister. Boom.

To the Winchesters, nothing is more important than family. We see this time and time again in the show. During Adam’s short stint, they even treated him like a full extra brother they had never known. After he gets locked in the cage, however, they seem to totally forget he ever existed. I think that if they did lose this amnesia and suddenly remembered this extra long lost brother, of course they would move to bring him back to life. The show has proven repeatedly that no one can stay dead, so couldn’t they find a way to write him out of the cage? They did with everyone else in there.

Once they rescued him, however, he would clearly act out in rage because they left him in there so long. This would perhaps be their biggest fight yet because now they have to face off against the one thing that they hold more holy above anything else.

Is there also something else at play that’s keeping them from remembering Adam? Did maybe Chuck wiped their minds of him so that they wouldn’t be racked with guilt that they had forgotten him? They do have a brief moment of realization during the musical episode, but then it’s back to business as usual. I think this Chuck mind wipe theory could also add a whole other dimension to the character of Chuck, which, lets face it, has been drastically underused, even if he came back in Season 11 to a pretty disappointing conclusion.

What do you guys think? Is Chuck at play here? Could Adam be a great new bad guy? Or should I just totally give up and stop trying to make Supernatural better?

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