Con Crunch, more like Con-stant


Ahhh con crunch. How I envy those for who that is a thing. For me, it’s more of a constant state of being. At that point, is it really con crunch?

For those that don’t know, con crunch is “the act of procrastinating on a cosplay(s) and only having a short amount of time to finish it because you found other things to distract you.” For a lot of people, this means the last week or two before a convention is full panic as they try to stick to a very strict production schedule.

Sure, I’ve definitely been there (like the night before I wore Guardians Kitty Pryde at Raleigh Supercon or the day before competing as Sasha for the first time at Soda City Comicon when we were at Walmart at 10 pm trying to find an alternative for the straps.) For the most part, though, I feel like con crunch is my constant state of being. I think that’s because I’m the primary crafter of my costumes, all of Elizabeth’s, and a good chunk of Chelsey’s. I’m constantly trying to get something done for somebody so I’m ALWAYS in a tizzy to rush something finished.

The thing about con crunch, though, is it leads to burnout. This is a hobby and none of us want to experience burnout from it. Make sure you’re getting sleep and water. Plus, by golly, if you wanna cut corners and buy that one piece from Amazon GO RIGHT AHEAD. If anyone says anything to you, send them my way. They’ll get a stern talking to.

The next three months are going to be filled with so many amazing events for ConVix (started with Hair of the Dragon) and while I can’t wait to share them with you, let’s say a prayer that the burn out from all that con crunch doesn’t get to me quick.


P.S. Special shout out to Chelsey’s hubbo Scott for getting her a sewing machine. I am ready to teach her and let her loose into the wild to help with the burnout. WE ALL GOT THIS.