TN Ep. 1: Nerdy Disappointments, Part I: Supernatural



First episode of Talking Nerdy in which we find out how hard doing a podcast is, I forget Mark Pellegrino’s name (that amazing guy from Lost, who also plays Lucifer on Supernatural), Brandy wonders about Adam and brotherly negligence, and Chelsey realizes just what she’s gotten herself into. 

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Notes: So this is our first episode – it’s a little rough, but so are we! Just kidding. Anyway, in this new year, we’re hoping to connect with each other more (and by connect I mean endlessly argue about the dumbest things), thus the podcast! We had to split this episode into two parts because it was a little long. We’ll hopefully be releasing an episode every week. If you have any constructive criticism or suggestions for the show, let us know. 

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