TN Ep. 2: Nerdy Disappointments, Part II: Batman vs. Superman



Second episode of Talking Nerdy in which we collectively puzzle over the villain that is Jokthur, I profess my love for all Martha’s of the world, Brandy hates on Aquaman and Khal Drogo, and Chelsey keeps talking about the Red Room. 

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Notes: This episode is the second part of our Nerdy Disappointments episode. It was split into two, so it’s a little abrupt. Fair warning!

Here we go into how awesome Michael Rosenbaum is, which villain Elon Musk is turning into, and I get massively confused about which Flash we’re talking about. (If you were wondering, the movie character is around 25 in Justice League et al.) Anyway, Blackpink is awesome and that’s the number one takeaway you should get.