Lady Arrow


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Brandy’s Lady Green Arrow cosplay is a true closet cosplay. When she heard that Stephen Amell would be at DragonCon 2015, she knew she had to put a Green Arrow together. Brandy also knew she wanted to combine the fishnet aesthetic of the classic Black Canary with the grunge of Amell’s Arrow. Using mostly pieces she already had, Brandy was able to build this cosplay for less than $20. (Plus the time to craft the bow!) Over time, the only thing that has changed is the addition of the mask (as the Arrow character got one) and a new set of boots reminiscent of the classic Green Arrow design.

Everything was thrift store finds, except the bow. The bow was constructed primarily from paper mache and wire. The bow string is an interior piece of paracord from the Indiana Jones whip build. It’s still going strong three years later!

This costume has also been featured on Buzzfeed!