No Talking Nerdy Episode This Week, My Bad


So there’s no Talking Nerdy Episode this week, which is admittedly my fault. I am crazy busy from now until the end of June so I  slipped up this week, my bad. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the plans we have for upcoming episodes. We’re still planning on doing our regular episodes, but also sprinkling in some minisodes, mini-rants, and dramatic readings. These episodes will allow us to take a break from our more substantive chats and have a less formal format which is kind of fun. Minisodes are little mini-chats on things that don’t warrant a full length podcast, mini-rants are similar but where one or more of us has a rant about something but don’t want to take up a full episode, and dramatic readings are our forays into radio plays. Kinda. Our first planned dramatic reading is the wonderful literary classic My Immortal. Let me know if you have any ideas for fun episode departures from our typical format or any suggestions for our next dramatic reading!