TN Ep 13: Disney Live Action Films, aka Childhood Ruiners


Thirteenth episode of Talking Nerdy in which we discuss Disney’s crop of live action remakes from the ones we’re excited about to the ones we’ll watch through anxious fingers. I decry the changes to Mulan, Brandy does a deep dive on Shrek, and Chelsey keeps us all in line. What do you think about the upcoming Disney movies? And who’s the psycho stoked for a Hunchback of Notre Dame live movie?

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2 Replies to “TN Ep 13: Disney Live Action Films, aka Childhood Ruiners”

  1. No Live Action Shrek for F**ks sake *facepalm* I was the Target Audience for the Junglebook hahaha I love that movie. We didn’t need it but i’m glad they made it. Sorry you guys hate it so much i mean Damn X,D They’re doing liveaction remakes honestly cause they are running out of ideas… Like think about it last cartoon princess movie was The Princess & The Frog and how well did that movie do? Thats why….they’re running out of ideas so theyre rehasing their cashcows cause they can.

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