TN Ep 15: Peyton Manning Takes the Iron Throne


Warning: Spoilers ahead! Duh!

Fifteenth episode of Talking Nerdy in which we discuss the second best show of all time, or at least the best show of right now – Game of Thrones! Get your brackets out because we’re discussing our Fantasy Football picks for the end of GoT. Hot money is on the Targaryen/Stark incest spawn of Jon and Dany to be the ultimate ruler of Westeros, though at this point, it’s also a 50/50 chance for humanity’s total destruction. GoT’s been talking spin-offs for after the end, I’m definitely thinking The Office: King’s Landing with Night King Michael Scott/David Brent where it’s just a world populated entirely by zombies. White Walkers are the non-establishment political candidates we need to upend the status quo! In this episode, I start the smear campaign to keep Sansa off the throne, Chelsey espouses her love for Samwell Tarly, and we both hope Arya gets some kind of normalcy after the war. Plus, we have to physically restrain ourselves from cursing when Joffrey gets mentioned. 

Side Note: We got a little off the rails and delved into just Game of Thrones chat, but it’s what you get when you hang out with us, so it’s like an authentic ConVix ramble-fest! Also, we may or may not have time to record an episode for next week since this weekend is Easter. If not, I’ll post a #melaniethoughts blog and we’ll resume the podcast schedule on May 2!

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