TN Ep 18: Avatar, The Movie Nobody Remembers


Eighteenth episode of Talking Nerdy in which we discuss the world’s most famous movie (at least by box office numbers) – Avatar! This movie has held the record for all time worldwide box office release for 10 years. That’s huge. What’s less huge is the movie itself, which we decided was utterly forgettable and literally only important because it came out with no competition and changed a bunch of financial records. In this episode, I wish James Cameron was more like his Futureman counterpart, Brandy wonders again and again why this movie is such a big deal, Chelsey can’t remember much of it at all, and we all agree that it’s very forgettable and we probably won’t be seeing Avatar 2. Unless of course, it comes out at Christmas time and we’re all bored. Hey, wait a minute. I’m starting to think that’s some kind of movie strategy or something!  

Side Note: Mel here! This week has been a doozy. Sorry my voice sounds so weird – I’ve been sick for a couple of days so my voice is much deeper. Which was very strange to listen to when I edited this. Also, I have a correction – at one point we talk about Michelle Rodriguez who is a great actress, probably best known for her work in the Fast and the Furious franchise, but she was also in Avatar. Short story time – I mistakenly said that she was in The Descent. She wasn’t, and that wasn’t even the movie I was thinking of. I was thinking of The Cave, which she also wasn’t in. So, my apologies to Michelle Rodriguez, I somehow got you confused with Piper Perabo and I honestly don’t know how I did that. Also – we talked briefly about a mini-rant. Including the rant, this episode was too long, so I’ve cut it up and we’ll do the mini-rant next week! It’s about some internet tea so hopefully it’s still fresh by then.

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