TN Ep 19: Minisode: Get Your Beau-tea Here


Nineteenth episode of Talking Nerdy (and our first minisode!) in which we discuss the drama surrounding James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s ongoing feud. If you don’t know the tea, here’s a pretty good summary which covers the major points (at least, as of right now). Basically, beauty vlogger James Charles sponsored rival vitamins, even though Tati runs a vitamin company and the two have been BFFs or Sisters for years. There are a lot of issues at play with this drama from cancel culture to predatory behavior to livestreaming follower counts. The story is still ongoing but here’s our take on the drama. 

Side Note: We originally recorded this as an add on to the Avatar episode, but it was too long with them both included. So here’s our first minisode! I think we’re going to try and do some more minisodes for weeks when we want to supplement the blog or when there’s an issue that we don’t have a ton to talk about or is ongoing like this situation. Let us know what you think about the minisode format! 

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