TN Ep 9: Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Ships You?, Part II



Ninth episode of Talking Nerdy in which we continue to discuss relationships from our favorites to our most despised. I keep droning on about Game of Thrones, Brandy takes us on a journey to space, Chelsey shows her love for Firefly and we all get in our daily name drop of Michael Rosenbaum. 

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Editor’s Note: Sorry about the delay on this one, boy did life happen the past couple of weeks. This is the second part of our ships episode! This weekend kicks off our cosplay appearances and the three of us will be at SC Comiccon. Come say hello or tell us to shut up! We’ll be the three weirdos wearing boxes. A special shout out to our loyal fan (you know who you are) who checked in on us last week when the podcast wasn’t posted. It’s nice to know someone cares 😀

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