Remind me never to move to Riverdale


Riverdale– Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it definitely gives fans something to talk about. I got pulled into its craziness when the show was just a few episodes in. I needed something mindless to watch while working on my Master’s thesis. Riverdale seemed like a great option. It was so silly I could constantly make fun of how over dramatic it was.

There was but a single problem. By episode five, I was totally addicted to the dumpster fire that is Riverdale.

I readily admit that it is trash television and if I recommend it to anyone, it’s with the caveat that it is, in fact, awful trash.

Lately, though, I’ve really clung to one thing in this latest season. The writer’s seriously need a civic lesson.

I know, I know, it’s a real silly thing to get hung up on civics in a show that literally goes from murder to studying for the SATs, but just hear me out.

First of all, it’s insane that a governor would just willy nilly quarantine a town. It takes a lot more than a few seizures to get the CDC all fired up unless you’re connected which I SUPPOSE they can get around with Hiram. I will sort of give them that one. I guess. I still don’t believe this is plausible.

Second, Archie may have been cleared of all charges in regards to murder, but he still broke out of jail. That is breaking the law. THERE IS NO WAY THAT HE WOULD BE RE-ENROLLING IN HIGH SCHOOL AND WORRYING ABOUT THE SATS. DUDE. YOU HAVE A RECORD NOW. THAT’S A BIGGER BARRIER THAN A 600 SAT SCORE. Also, murder trials generally take much longer than the length of a school’s summer break.

Next, why is FP now the sheriff? I can’t speak on the specifics of Riverdale and which positions are elected, but generally, sheriff is one to prevent some rich mob boss from appointing one that is quickly killed one scene later. (*cough*Claudius*cough*) If it is an appointed position, WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU APPOINT A KNOWN FORMER LEADER OF THE LOCAL BIKER GANG THAT LITERALLY WENT TO JAIL UNDER SUSPICION OF MURDERING A HIGH SCHOOLER. You’re gonna get recalled (aka voted out in a special election) and so is he.

That is, if the world works like it is supposed to. And this is Riverdale. Life works even less like it’s supposed to that it does in the real world.

Is Riverdale a reflection of how crazy our civics system works or is it just a teen drama I need to leave alone? Let me know what you think!