Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)


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The entire reason Brandy got into Attack on Titan was to do this cosplay. Amanda told Brandy a fictional character had never so encapsulated her personality…. Amanda was correct. Just like Sasha Braus, Brandy would cut someone for a good potato. Also like Sasha, Brandy is often underestimated due to her personality.

Over a year has already been on this cosplay. The ODM gear was built completely from scratch with only basic assistance from tutorials. All the ones Brandy and Amanda found did not have patterns for the individual pieces, so they were forced to pattern everything themselves. It was a true test of patience and their friendship. All the props are made from foam board with just a little bit of craft foam. The C02 tanks are two metal water bottles with the bottom sawed off one so that the other could be pushed up in it. This was filled in with wood pulp and sanded to look like welding. The boxes themselves are supported and held up by two pieces of velcro stitched onto the side of the pants.

Future 100% ConVix made upgrades to this costume are coming, including a cape, hand embroidered patches, and all hand stitched belts. Stay tuned!