SC Comicon Wrap Up


To say that SC Comicon was an adventure for us this year is to put it lightly. Chelsey and I have gone to all of them, with the exception of my year abroad for grad school. We love it so much. We’ve watched it grow and we’re excited to see where it continues to go.

Saturday started with Chelsey realizing that she had left Merida in my apartment. Not being one to to let that keep her down for very long, she immediately decided to wear Castiel instead since she hadn’t worn him to a convention since we managed to finish her black wings. If we thought that was the most excitement our day was going to get, we were horrificly wrong.

We got to the convention center and started walking around the floor. While we were walking the floor I got grabbed to be in The Reel Guys Captain Marvel review. I had so much fun shooting with Jackie and Stan and I’m hoping I can make it to one of their events soon!

After we finished our lap and decided to take a little bit of a breather to take some photographs. Iztok, one of our favorite photographers to work with, also came down from Charlotte to do some shots of us. We had been sitting on a bench waiting on him. After Iztok arrived, Chelsey and Melanie followed him to help him set up his gear.

Not even 30 seconds later, Melanie realized she dropped her phone but it was too late. Someone had stolen it. Chelsey and Melanie immediately sprang into action and put a lost phone notice on Melanie’s phone. Of course we kept calling it because we thought just maybe someone is taking it to lost and found and we could find it there. (While they did not find the phone there, they did in fact find a new friend in David the head of security at the Greenville Convention Center.)

In following where the phone was pinging on Find My iPhone, they ended up in an employee parking lot but they could not identify where the phone was. I maintained it was probably in the dumpster but no one wanted me to dumpster dive in my Captain Marvel cosplay for SOME reason.

Needless to say this put a little bit of a damper on Day One. We finished shooting with Iztok, did another loop of the floor, and went to dinner. After dinner we also had to go find a camera battery charger because neither my camera or Melanie’s would hold a charge. This mission was also in successful.

We get home and Melanie calls her parents and sister and it turns out they’re at the convention center looking for her phone. We thought they were being silly, but the biggest shout out to Melanie’s sister Kristen who did a little dumpster diving and recovered the phone.

Later that night, another tragedy would strike. Despite being super active in all my Captain Marvel shoots, the thing that would do me in would end up being trying to sit in a chair. My knee started throbbing and swelling but because we had the cosplay contest the next morning, I refused to entertain the idea of being checked out.

The next day we got to the convention center at 11 and immediately started trying to put on our three Attack on Titan cosplays. It took us an hour and a half but we managed to get over in time for prejudging. (I don’t know WHO decided these were practical military uniforms, but they were wrong.) 

After prejudging, I went to get some french fries, only to return without my skirt. Chelsey and I both looked and could not find it, so we chalked it up to a loss. We sat around, trying to give my knee a break before I decided to go back on the hunt for the missing piece. Lo and behold one of the vendors had seen me drop it and was holding it for me. We then rushed to get over and get in line for the cosplay contest.

Now, this contest was our first big one and we were not expecting to do well but MAN the audience reaction was amazing. It’s very rare to see one full set of ODM gear much less three all together on stage at the same time. 

After the contest, we had to leave because I wasn’t feeling well between my knee and my head, so we missed out on any floor time on Sunday but it was still a blast! We can’t wait to see what adventures the rest of our 2019 conventions hold!