TN Ep. 3: Toxic Fandom, Part I


Third episode of Talking Nerdy in which we talk all kinds of nerdy things from Lord of the Rings to alt-right trolls, I share some #unpopularopinions, Brandy hates on squirrels on crack, and Chelsey unwraps every cough drop she owns in Mr. Bean fashion. 

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Notes: This episode is the first part of our Toxic Fandom episode. We had some technical difficulties, so please bear with us while we work out the kinks! And I’m not talking about exercising the band. Here we talk about Star Wars and ISIS and Lord of the Rings and all kinds of fun stuff. But also toxic fans, which are not so awesome. The episode ends hella abruptly since we had some technical issues, so there was no real “ending” and my editor’s note sounds really strange in comparison. Catch the “end” on our second episode – Toxic Fandom part II, out next Thursday (1/17).