TN Ep. 4: Toxic Fandom, Part II


Fourth episode of Talking Nerdy in which the episode is rife with idiosyncrasies (aka audio issues), I muse on the nostalgic connection of Star Wars, Brandy wishes she liked Dr. Who, and Chelsey is uncharacteristically quiet (her audio issues prevented us from having her this week) then she tells us why we should love Kylo Rey. 

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Notes: This episode is the second part of our Toxic Fandom episode. It was split into two, so it’s a little abrupt and there are some serious audio problems. We’re going to try and get a better setup to ensure an end to these problems, but we are still figuring it out. Fair warning! Here we go into how Star Wars is something your Grandpa likes, Chelsey’s Guantanamo would involve heavy doses of Dr. Who, and Brandy wonders about the quality of old shows versus reboots. 

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