Amanda got pulled into this crazy adventure when she went with Brandy to her first convention. She’s currently studying to be a lab technician. (And, man, is she rocking it!!!!) Amanda loves Indie comics and a variety of crafting. She’s the artistic mind behind ConVix Cosplay and does all our detailed art work. She doesn’t cosplay that often, but sometimes we get her all in green paint as She Hulk! 
Brandy is the founder of this rambunctious group of crazies. In real life, she works in corporate security as an intelligence specialist and attempts to pass off as an actual adult. (She’s doing about as good a job as Roy and Moss.) Brandy loves applying highfalutin’ concepts to pop culture and you can often see her on DragonCon panels doing just that to Star Wars. Her favorite characters to cosplay include Captain America, Sasha Braus, and The Green Arrow. 
Chelsey won Brandy in a lottery and hasn’t figured out how to give her back. She claims to work in material planning for the automotive industry, but we think that’s a cover for the mob. As the only married one of the bunch, Chelsey is honing her mom skills by taking care of four dysfunctional children. Chelsey enjoys kicking butt as both Kate Bishop and Bucky Barnes. 
Elizabeth consistently refers to herself as the group’s Barbie doll as she has no crafting skills herself and graciously wears what everyone makes her. She works as an agricultural economist for the USDA’s Risk Management Agency doing a ton of math and setting insurance prices.  Elizabeth enjoys watching football and will probably never go to DragonCon since it’s always Clemson’s opening weekend. (Everyone petition for them to play the Chik-fil-a Kick Off Game so she has no excuse.) Elizabeth likes to throw down as Black Widow and Thor. 
Melanie somehow got pulled into this when she made the mistake to go to DragonCon in 2017 and is probably currently planning her escape. She works as a paralegal by day and she does a lot of sleeping by night. Melanie’s the engineer of the group and you can often find her playing DnD (5e) at cons! Melanie rarely cosplays (right now!) but has a ton of great plans everyone should be excited for.