Welcome to the Convention Vixens!


Hello and welcome to the Convention Vixens! This project has been such a long time dream of mine and I’m so happy to finally be jumping into the second phase with two feet (along with my four best friends, of course!)

Convention Vixens, or ConVix as the hip young kids call us, as a concept has existed in my brain for a while. I’ve always wanted a way to express myself and appreciate the teamwork that comes with a lot of nerdy projects. I’m a writer and I depend on a team of people to proof my work (shout out to you guys as you see this!) I’m a builder, but sometimes there’s a prop that I need help with so I go to someone else to complete that piece. I’m a sewer, but sometimes you need a little help patterning. Convention Vixens was really born out of the spirit of teamwork. There’s five of us and we all have our strengths. While Chelsey, Elizabeth, and I may be the ones who are most often in the spotlight because of the cosplay part of ConVix but, I promise, Amanda and Melanie are also very much a part of everything we do.

In celebrating our teamwork over the past seven months of our online presence, we’ve taken on some fun new projects that are launching in the beginning of the new year, including this blog and our brand new podcast! The podcast is Melanie’s baby and while I’ll be the main voice behind the blog, I’m sure the other Vixens will be popping in to talk to you from time to time.

I think if you had told me last April when we were brainstorming names for this little operation that at the start of 2019, we’d have over 1,150 Instagram followers and over 200 likes on Facebook, I would have told you that you were crazy. (Likewise, if you would have told me a dumb joke Melanie also made that weekend would win us our first cosplay award, I probably would have laughed in your face.)

Here’s to more teamwork and more team achievements into 2020!

Till next time!