Why Hating Things isn’t Cool But the Masked Singer is


Every so often, something appears in popular culture that people think it’s “cool” to hate. An early one in my lifetime that I remember clearly is Twilight. Sometime in there, someone decided it was far superior to hate on the series than give it a chance.

Next there was Pokemon Go. After years of saying that Millennials were obsessed with their phones and not meeting people in public, Pokemon Go appeared to help people get exercise AND make new friends. I met a ton of people I wouldn’t have otherwise playing the game. But, again, it was cool to hate it and laugh at all the nerds running around hunting digital pocket monsters.

Currently, I feel like The Masked Singer has picked up the slack where Pokemon cut off. Maybe it’s just those around me, but I’ve had several people tell me how stupid the show is without having watched it. At least one of them has since been forced to watch it and has suddenly decided it’s great.

Let me just say, I 100% have a slant. I love The Masked Singer. Melanie, Elizabeth, and I have spent way too much time researching who each person could be. We’ve correctly guessed the Pineapple, the Unicorn, the Deer, and the Alien without the help of the hosts. (I maintain that we would have gotten Hippo if he had been on more than one episode, but Poodle and Raven did get us.) We’re pretty convinced of our guesses for the last few except one. (Bee-Gladys Knight, Lion-Rumor Willis, Peacock-Donnie Osmond, Rabbit- Joey Fatone, and Monster MAY be T Pain. It also may be Sir Mixalot. My not correct Dr. Ken style guess is Tiger Woods.)

Ultimately, Masked Singer is just a fun mystery to solve with absolutely no consequences. No one is competing for anything. There’s no real prize. It’s just a fun way to spend some time. There’s no drama to fret over or even anything to stress you out (unless you stress over not figuring out who Monster is).

The same could be said of Twilight and DEFINITELY of Pokemon Go. They’re both ways for people to have fun and express themselves. There’s no need to judge others for the way they have fun. Maybe you should jump in and try it yourself. You might be surprised at how hooked you get on a new thing!